CryptoPunk #4464 sold for $2.6 million

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Source: Larva Labs

The NFT sector is suffering from the negative market sentiment. Shrinking volumes and dwindling interest have put a lot of pressure on NFT prices over the past few months. Despite the weak market environment, a CryptoPunk has now been sold again for $2.6 million.

CryptoPunk #4464 has a new owner

For exactly 2,500 Ethereum (equivalent to over $2.6 million), the bidder acquired the NFT and apparently remained unimpressed by the current difficult market conditions in the crypto and NFT sectors.

The CryptoPunk #4464 is one of the rarest Ape Punks. Only 24 out of total 10,000 pieces of the NFT collection belong to this rare group.

CryptoPunk sold for over $23 million in the last bull cycle

While you might think that $2.6 million is quite a lot for a NFT, during the past bull cycle a CryptoPunk was sold for as much as 8000 Ethereum, which was over $23 million at the time.

The CryptoPunk #5822 changed hands on February 12, 2022, making it the most expensive sale of a CryptoPunk NFT in history so far.


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