All-Time High
% to ATH
ATH Date
November 10, 2021
Days since ATH
468 Days

Amp (AMP) Price Statistics

The Amp price today is $0.00474902. The Amp price has changed byCoin is negative 3.57% in the last 24 hours. Today’s Amp trading volume is $5,730,674. Amp ‘s all-time-high is $0.120813. The all-time-high was reached on June 16, 2021, 4:03:41 PM. The Amp price needs to increase by 2443.9564373281 to reach a new all-time high. The Amp market capitalization is $365.9M. Amp’s circulating supply is 77,058,950,758.33 out of 99,444,923,968.021.

Amp (AMP) Price Trends

Coin is negative 0.29%
Coin is negative 3.57%
Coin is negative 1.66%
Coin is negative 26.38%
Coin is negative 80.78%
Coin is negative 89.27%

What was the highest price for Amp (AMP)?

Amp reached its all time high of $0.120813 on June 16, 2021, 4:03:41 PM (468 days ago).

What was the lowest price for Amp (AMP)?

Amp had its all-time low of 0.00250501 (89.53625) on 2020-11-04 13:18:12.

What is Amp (AMP)?

Amp is described as the new digital collateral token offering instant, verifiable assurances for any kind of value transfer. Using Amp, networks like Flexa can quickly and irreversibly secure transactions for a wide variety of asset-related use cases

Amp claims to offer a straightforward but versatile interface for verifiable collateralization through a system of collateral partitions and collateral managers.

Where collateral partitions can be designated to collateralize any account, application, or even transaction, and carry balances which are directly verifiable on the Ethereum blockchain, collateral managers are smart contracts that can lock, release, and redirect collateral in these partitions as needed in order to support value transfer activities.

Amp supports a wide variety of use cases for collateralization, and also introduces the concept of predefined partition strategies, which can enable special capabilities such as collateral models through which tokens can be staked without ever leaving their original address.

Amp (AMP) Statistics


$0.00474902Coin is negative 3.57%

All-Time High

$0.120813 Coin is negative 96.07%

% to ATH


ATH Date

June 16, 2021, 4:03:41 PM

Days since All-Time High

468 Days

All-Time Low

0.00250501 89.53625

ATL Date

2020-11-04 13:18:12



High / Low

$0.00496596 / $0.00471529

Market Cap Rank


Market Cap

$365.9M Coin is negative 3.53%

Fully Diluted Valuation


Circulating Supply


Total Supply


Maximum Supply


Online Since Initiation

5015 Days


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