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  • Ethereum successfully launches Shadow Fork in preparation for upcoming Shanghai Hard Fork

Ethereum successfully launches Shadow Fork in preparation for upcoming Shanghai Hard Fork

Ethereum Hard Fork Shanghai

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Ethereum developers have successfully launched a Shadow Fork, a copy of the blockchain used for testing purposes before the public testnet is created, despite initial difficulties. The update is in preparation for the upcoming Shanghai Hard Fork.

On January 23rd, Marius Van Der Wijden, a software developer at the Ethereum Foundation, announced the successful implementation of the Shadow Fork. Despite some minor configuration issues with the Geth clients, the update was launched successfully and the errors have since been fixed. The next step is to launch “evil nodes,” both on the execution and consensus levels, which will send faulty blocks or network messages in an attempt to get other nodes to join the faulty chain, according to the developer.

Shanghai Hard Fork: Withdrawing Locked Staking Rewards

The release of the test network for the Shanghai upgrade is planned for the end of February. The Shanghai upgrade will allow Ethereum users to withdraw their locked staking rewards. Currently, around 16 million Ether, worth roughly $27 billion, is locked on the Beacon Chain, according to Etherscan data. In order to successfully implement the Shanghai Hard Fork, some other improvements have been postponed, including optimizations to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and Layer-2 platforms (EIP-4844).


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