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  • Cardano update: Vasil hard fork is “ever closer”

Cardano update: Vasil hard fork is “ever closer”

Cardano update: Vasil hard fork is “ever closer”

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The blockchain company behind the Cardano Network, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK), announced via Twitter on August 25 that the Vasil hard fork is “ever closer”. Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) running the latest node (1.35.3) now account for 42% of mainnet block production in the current epoch. For bringing the Vasil upgrade to the Cardano mainnet, 75% is required.

"We get ever closer to the Vasil upgrade"

On August 24, Input Output Hongkong (IOHK) announced a rollout status via Twitter:

Three critical mass indicators crucial

In addition to the target that 75% of the mainnet blocks must be produced by nodes with version 1.35.3, two other indicators are crucial to be able to carry out the Vasil upgrade. Thus, 25 exchanges (which corresponds to 80% of the liquidity) and the ten most important mainnet DApps must also have upgraded.

(1) Mainnet nodes:


(2) Exchanges:


(3) DApps:

Vasil upgrade to reduce transaction size & costs

The hard fork was planned for June 29, but was repeatedly delayed, which was quite critically assessed by the community on Twitter. The long-awaited Vasil upgrade aims to reduce transaction size and enable more network activity while reducing costs.


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