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Solana falls victim to an exploit: 8000 wallets hacked


Source: Solana.com

The Solana network is facing pressure again. An exploit drained funds from nearly 8,000 Solana-based Phantom and Slope hot wallets. The attack continues.

Solana-based hot wallets Phantom and Slope exploited

An unknown attacker has used an exploit on Solana-based hot wallets to capture around eight million U.S. dollars so far. At the time of writing, funds from nearly 8,000 Solana wallets have been drained.

The Solana-based hot wallet providers Phantom and Slope were hit hardest by the attack.

Hardware wallets not affected by the exploit

At this point, it looks like hardware wallets like Ledger or Trezor are not affected by the exploit. For this reason, users are strongly advised to transfer their assets to secure hardware wallets.

Several firms for blockchain intelligence are currently working with security experts on a solution and possible recovery of the lost funds.

Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs, said on Twitter that the attacker “probably” gained access to private keys. Every minute, 20 Solana wallets are added, from which the funds are drained, he said.

Solana price drops due to exploit

The exploit is having a negative impact on Solana´s price. At the time of writing, Solana lost -2.35% on the day.


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